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Housing Advice and Representation

Representation at court and tribunal.  

The Law Centre represents clients who are facing eviction or repossession or homelessness. We can act for you at courts and tribunals in Scotland.

Housing Problems We Help With

We have been acting in housing case since we began in 1979. We prioritise this work to prevent homelessness and maintain people in their houses.

Homelessness and rent and mortgage arrears

Housing advice and representation in eviction and repossession actions

The Law Centre provides tenants and homeowners with help where they are in danger of losing their home, and also acts for clients who are homeless.

Many of our cases involve rent or mortgage arrears.  If we see clients at an early stage we can negotiate with landlords or lenders and we often reach an agreement which allows for the repayment of arrears and avoids court action.  This can involve referring you internally in the Law Centre for benefit and debt advice.  Contacting us as soon as possible is vital.  

There are a number of other solutions that can avoid repossession and we can advise you further. If you are in danger of having your home repossessed, you may be able to get help from the  Support for Mortgage Interest Scheme, the Scottish Government’s Home Owners Support Fund Mortgage To Rent Scheme or the Mortgage to Shared Equity Scheme. If matters end up in court or the housing tribunal, we can represent you and enter a defence.

If someone is homeless, or threatened with homelessness, it is important to apply to the local authority as quickly as possible for housing as a homeless person.  Homelessness law can be complex and includes deadlines so it is important to seek legal help as soon as possible.

If your locks are changed by your landlord without notice or obtaining a court or tribunal decree, this could be an illegal eviction. You might be able to be compensated and/or reinstated.

Uniquely Positioned

Housing advice and representation in eviction and repossession actions

The Law Centre is in a unique position in South East Glasgow for providing free legal advice and representation to local people.  

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