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Help with Coronavirus Issues

The Coronavirus will affect people in all sorts of ways

Two key points are:            
-  Follow NHS guidance          
-  Get advice if you run into problems with wages, benefits, housing or other issues            

Government advice is at the gov.uk website and at nhsinform and ready scotland .
The advice will be updated regularly, but different people will be affected in different ways.

People with Health Issues and Specific Medical Conditions

If you are at extremely high risk of severe illness with COVID-19, you should strictly follow shielding measures. It is however important to maintain contact with essential services such as social care, and to ensure you have adequate food supplies.  

NHS guidance indicates which medical conditions are particularly affected by the Coronavirus. It is important to check this and get advice if you are unsure if you should be shielding. 

If you need advice and live in the south east Glasgow area,telephone the Law Centre.

Workers and Benefit Claimants

Coronavirus is likely to cause problems for workers generally, and it will be particularly bad for those in specific industries directly affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.  

Wages, the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and Universal Credit

The government has introduced a Job Retention Scheme which is designed as an alternative to redundancy. If an organisation will not be fully operational during the emergency period, the employer might be able to put some or all of its employees on furlough.  The government will cover 80% of wages up to £2,500. During furlough, the employee cannot work for the employer.

If you are not on the Scheme, you can still apply for Universal Credit.  If you are still working and your wages reduce, then your Universal Credit should increase.  If you are not on Universal Credit, then you should apply immediately.  

Contact us for advice by phone or email if you live in the south east Glasgow area.

If your employer ceases trading permanently, then you are likely to be redundant and you can make a claim for a redundancy payment.  You usually have to be working for your employer for at least two years.

If your employer does not make the payment, the government can cover this if you meet the specified conditions.  This is unlikely to be helpful in the short term however.

Rent & Mortgage Issues

If your income reduces and you have problems paying rent or mortgage, you should phone us for advice immediately.  It is usually possible to negotiate with your landlord or mortgage lender. Private sector tenants have fewer rights than social sector tenants, so get advice quickly if you have a private sector landlord


You have the right to be housed if you are homeless, and not intentionally homeless.  The Council has the legal obligation to deal with your homelessness application.  Get advice immediately if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

Getting Advice

You should phone the following numbers or email us to get an appointment.  We will allocate a time for your appointment and then telephone you at that time.  You should not come into the office.

We generally deal with people in south east Glasgow, so please just phone your nearest Law Centre office.

Other Law Centres and advice agencies are located in other areas of Glasgow.

Castlemilk Law & Money Advice Centre
0141 634 0313

Toryglen Law & Money Advice Centre
0141 647 4333
(Diverted to 0141 634 0313 during the emergency period)

Gorbals Law & Money Advice Centre
0141 418 1010
(Diverted to 0141 634 0313 during the emergency period)


Castlemilk Law and Money Advice Centre
T: 0141 634 0313
Toryglen Law and Money Advice Centre
T: 0141 647 4333
Gorbals Law and Money Advice Centre
T: 0141 418 1010
Castlemilk Citizens Advice Bureau
T: 0141 634 0338