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Castlemilk Law & Money Advice Centre deals with all types of debt

Debts often arise when your circumstances change.

We can help with:
-   Consumer credit including credit cards, hire purchase and small loans,
-   Council tax arrears,
-   Electricity and gas arrears,
-   Rent and mortgage arrears,
-   Factor's bills, and
-   Unpaid fines.

Individuals often take out a loan which they can afford to repay, but a problem such as loss of employment arises and it is no longer possible to meet financial commitments.   We can go through your income and expenditure and help re-organise your finances.

Maximise Your Income

The Law Centre deals with all of these debts and is able to represent clients against creditors and debt collectors. We can maximise clients’ income by claiming all necessary benefits and help clients manage expenditure, identifying which commitments are essential and which less so.  

Many debts have particular procedures which can be very complex.  Rent or mortgage arrears can lead to eviction action.  We are able to represent clients in courts and tribunals where this arises.  

Where a factor charges a homeowner, we can insist that the factor accounts for the sums claimed and help ensure that all charges are fair.  

In many cases we can help clients identify disposable income which they can use to pay off debts.  In these circumstances we can make applications on behalf of clients for a debt payment programme which can be supervised by the Accountant in Bankruptcy. This enables clients to pay off debts over a period, usually lasting several years.  As long as you maintain payments, creditors cannot take any further action.   

Where it is not possible to pay off debts in a reasonable time, we can act for clients in applying for bankruptcy.  This involves an application to the Accountant in Bankruptcy and when this is approved, debts owed are written off.  Often a contribution has to be made, but bankruptcy is an important way to resolve debt problems.  

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