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Castlemilk Law and Money Advice Centre provides legal advice and representation on employment law cases.

Unfair Dismissal and Employment Protection

Where employees are unfairly dismissed they can take their employer to an Employment Tribunal.  They can seek a basic award due to the unfair dismissal and they may also be entitled to compensation.  Employees may also seek reinstatement or re-engagement although this is less common. 

Employment law is very complicated and employees often have to meet detailed conditions laid down in legislation and their employment contract.

Other types of worker also have employment rights.  Agency workers, and people who are self-employed or on zero hour contracts can also seek redress in certain circumstances. However, it is likely that employees under a full employment contract will have better rights than other types of worker.   

It is important to get detailed employment advice in order to understand your legal rights.   

In addition to claims for unfair dismissal there are other types of redress under employment law.  There are provisions in regard to:
-   the minimum wage,
-   working time,
-   unlawful deductions from wages, and
-   redundancy payments.  

An application can be made to the employment tribunal where an individual has been treated unlawfully in respect of these and other legal protections.

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