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Castlemilk Law and Money Advice Centre
A community based legal resource
We can help with the following


Help with coronavirus issues.


The Law Centre represents clients who are facing eviction or repossession or homelessness. We can act for you at courts and tribunals in Scotland.

Universal Credit

We have a dedicated Universal Credit adviser who can assist clients to apply for Universal Credit online.


We can provide legal advice on employment law and represent you at Employment Tribunals.


We can help with all types of debt, negotiate with creditors and apply for bankruptcy.


We can advise on all social security benefits, both Universal Credit and disability benefits such as Personal Independence Payment and Carer's Allowance. We can represent you at benefit tribunals.

Women’s Rights

Protecting women and girls against abuse and harassment and tackling discrimination

Disability Rights

Social security, discrimination law, social care and other rights on disability

Our Work at The Foodbank

Legal advice at Glasgow South East Foodbank