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Law Centre text service

From January 2024 Castlemilk Law Centre is beginning a new text service where clients can opt in to receive weekly communications from us. This will include a range of information, including how and when to apply for benefits and financial supports, rights-based news, and expert money saving advice.

This is a free service, and after signing up clients will receive the relevant news straight to their phone. We hope that this will reduce barriers to successful communication and ensure that our clients access the information which is most relevant to them.

We hope that this text service will grow into a community of people who are informed on and engaged in their legal and financial rights, and that in time Castlemilk Law Centre will be able to share information about specific campaigns and issue areas.

If you are an organisation and you have information which you feel would be relevant to share with our text service clients, you can send this to us at mail@castlemilklawcentre.co.uk.

Any phone numbers will not be stored alongside any other personal data, and won’t be used for any other purpose.