Welfare Rights

Welfare Rights

The Law Centre has a great deal of experience in advising and representing clients on welfare benefits appeals, including tax and pension credits appeals. We can also help with benefits checks and applications.

There have been very recent changes to welfare benefits, in particular to housing benefit, with more changes due in the course of 2013 with the introduction of the Universal Credit and the replacement of disability benefits with the Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

The changes to the law in this area are happening now; even so it is not yet clear how the changes will work in practice and how people will be affected. DWP decision-makers will find these major changes challenging to cope with and as a result more benefits claims could be wrongly assessed or people turned down for benefits to which they are entitled.

The main thrust of the cases that have been taken on relate to benefits for persons with disabilities and are primarily Disability Living Allowance, Employment Support Allowance and Fitness for Work cases,.  However, we advise clients on the full range of benefits, including recent and forthcoming changes to the benefits system, council tax benefit, housing benefit, income support for factor charges and housing costs, carers allowance, industrial injuries disablement benefit, and social fund. 

Benefit Claims & Appeals

Many of the claims have been successful in the first outset but equally many have had to proceed towards a hearing in front of an appeal tribunal.  The success rate of these remains high and in terms of Disability Living Allowance a general success rate of 66% is achieved.

This has generated a huge amount of income from the community over the course of the year.  In terms of sums generated it is estimated that approximately  £1,833,324.93 has been won in terms of Social Security Benefit over the past year. 

Many of the cases which were unsuccessful on appeal have proceeded towards the second stage of appeal at the Commissioner level.  The success rate here is approximately 50% with the vast majority of cases being sent back down to a rehearing in front of a different constituted tribunal. 






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