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The Gorbals Law & Money Advice Centre has been operational since May 2007.  At present we are funded to provide free advice and representation on a range of matters including welfare benefits, income maximisation and debt issues, housing and homelessness prevention and criminal injuries compensation for women and children who have been victims of domestic or sexual abuse.



Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm


Finding Us:

72 Commercial Road, Glasgow G5 0RG..


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Tel:  0141 418 1010

Fax:  0141 418 1016

E-mail mail@gorbalslawcentre.co.uk

Offers free and confidential advice in the following areas:

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How we help you (in more detail)

Our welfare advisors provide information about entitlements to welfare benefits and can assist with the completion of application forms.  They can also assist clients to seek reviews or appeals of Social Security decisions and provide representation for Social Security Tribunals.  We can also provide advice on debt matters including bankruptcy and can assist clients to come to arrangements with creditors or challenge debts where appropriate.

Our solicitor provides advice and representation on housing and eviction matters for tenants and repossession actions for owner occupiers in terms of the Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act.  We also provide advice and representation on homelessness prevention which may include seeking protective remedies and exclusion orders in court for women and children in domestic abuse situations.

Part of our funding is provided via the Scottish Government’s Violence against Women Funding Stream which supports our Criminal Injuries Legal Rights Project, which is part of our service.  Our solicitor assists women and children who have suffered physical or mental injury following domestic abuse by providing advice and representation about Criminal Injuries Compensation.  We have found that legal representation significantly increases the prospects of a successful award of compensation.

The Gorbals Law & Money Advice Centre offers a free service to all citizens within the local area.  Additionally our Criminal Injuries Legal Rights Project is available to women and children throughout the Strathclyde area.




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Castlemilk Law & Money Advice Centre - registered office is 155 Castlemilk Drive, Glasgow G45 9UG. Scottish charity number SC027619.